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  3. SAM-UK is a China residential pipe fittings manufacturer dedicated to residential and home. And as the household plastic pipe supplier, SAM-UK provides different sizes and materials pipe fittings for home use for you to choose.
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    All SAM-UK products are manufactured in a tightly controlled process and monitored throughout the production process. In order to ensure the product quality byseveral links of inspection.


    • Analysis of raw materials

    For the stability of the production, we always have a test for the raw material of its weight, moisture content, resin viscosity, fat and so on.


    • O-ring detection

    Size measurement, hardness test


    • Visual analysis

    Diameter (the phenomena such as the deformation of the diameter will be appeared because of the technics )

    Sag (due to shrinkage of the material, part of the product surface will subside)

    Lack of material (some part of the product is not full of material)

    Flash (the excess material of non-structural part of the product)

    Break (defect after break of parts)

    Dirt (the dirt on the smooth surface)


    • Destructive / mechanical test

    Tensile, hardness, impact and other tests meet the standards to ensure that the end customers can consume without any problem.



    • Multi-steps test

    Confirm the first product during the production. Check the product model, size, color, trademarks, flash, etc.

    Use measuring tools, such as vernier caliper, plug gauge, thread plug and so on

    Employees from time to time inspection

    Workshop quality inspectors check every 2 hours at each machine.

    Sales check 2 times a day

    the manager of quality control will in charge of sampling after each batch of product goes to the warehouse

    Each order will have a test report


    • Various tests

    Thermal deformation, test of Vicat softening temperature

    melt flow rate determination

    Density determination

    Stretching test

    Impact test

    Hydrostatic tes

    SAM-UK Is the largest manufacturers of pipe fittings in China, providing professional services and the best quality pipe fittings, well known in the world.

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